You inspire me to....take a pencil for a walk


Bradford Museums and Galleries has lots of artwork, all made in different ways, and some of them inspired by objects in our collections.

Bradford artist Naseem Darbey used a sewing machine instead of a pencil to draw some of the birds at Cliffe Castle Museum to make the artwork called ‘common star’ showing starlings grouped together you can see on the handout.

Naseem draws from objects in front of her so she can look really carefully at what she is drawing.

You can take a pencil for a walk to create a similar style of drawing.

What do I need?
  • An object you would like to draw.
  • A piece of paper.
  • A pencil or crayon or felt tip – something you can draw a line with!
What am I doing?
  • You are going to make a drawing without lifting your pencil off the piece of paper – it’s called a continuous line drawing.
  • Put your object right in front of your piece of paper so you can look at it closely.
  • Put your pencil onto your sheet of paper where you want to start to draw and draw your whole object without taking the pencil off the piece of paper again.
  • Make sure you try to put as much detail as you can in your drawing.
  • You might need to go back over lines you have drawn to get to different parts of your drawing.
  • Keep drawing until you have drawn your object.
  • You have successfully taken a pencil for a walk and created a drawing
Hints and Tips
  • No cheating! Try really hard to keep the pencil/pen on the paper.
  • Don’t rub anything out – enjoy having a go – you can do as many drawings as you like!
  • Draw big – try and use the entire piece of paper.
  • Try using different materials to draw with or challenge yourself by setting a time limit on how long you need to spend drawing.

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