You inspire me to...Invent!


Trams were used in the past in towns and cities, like Bradford, as a popular way to get around. Trams have no engines but instead use electricity from wires above to power them and move round on metal tracks or rails set into the road. The last trams in Bradford ran in 1950 and were replaced by motor buses. There are still working trams on the roads of cities like Manchester and Sheffield today.
A tram is like a cross between a train, which runs on rails and over head electricity, and a bus, which goes on the road.
Can you invent something new that is a cross between 2 useful things?

What do I need?

  • A piece of paper and pencil (some coloured pencils or pens if you want to add colour).
  • An inventor’s imagination.

What am I doing?

  • Can you think of or find 2 things at home that you could cross together to make something useful? This is your very own new invention!
  • What invention would you get if you put these two objects together? What would it look like? What would your new invention do and how would it work? What would it be made from? 
  • Draw and label a design of your new invention.

Hints and Tips

  • Can you come up with a good name for your invention?
  • Imagine you were selling your new invention – What would you say about it? What are its good points? You could make an advert selling your invention or tell someone else about it, what it does and why it’s great.
  • You could even make a model of your invention.

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