War and Peace: the art of Percy Smith

Cliffe Castle Museum

Sat 16 Jun 2018 - Sun 25 Nov 2018

Percy John Smith was born in 1882 in Dulwich, South London. His service with the Royal Marine Artillery between 1916-1919 took him to the Western Front in France and later to Belgium.

From these experiences, he would produce memorable sketches of war-ravaged countryside, death and destruction. 

Later establishing the Dorian Workshop, he built up his reputation as a craftsman of the highest calibre, often sought out for high profile works, such as the lettering for the Canadian War Memorial at Vimy Ridge.

Resuming his earlier interest in the works of Emily Bronte, he visited Haworth, home of the Bronte family several times after the war. Her life, poetry and written work had inspired him for a long time. The wild Yorkshire landscape would provide a peace and solitude that was a refreshing contrast to the brutality and ugliness of war. 

The exhibition compares and contrasts the striking Dance of Death series and its depiction of war, with later Haworth focused work exploring the landscapes that so inspired the Brontes. 

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