Re-Discovering Yorkshire: printmaking by Sarah Harris

Cartwright Hall Art Gallery

Wed 5 Apr 2017 - Sun 10 Sep 2017

'Modern life can detach us from the beauty that is around us, we become accustomed to the sights on our doorstep and often forget to really look at our surroundings.'

Masterfully crafted screen prints endeavor to bring the viewer into the reality of the scene, whilst evoking a feeling of nostalgia and inspire a sense of re-discovery.

Each of Sarah's limited edition screen prints begin as an original pen drawing. A limited colour palette is used throughout to enhance the line work, adding depth and interest through placement and tone.

Sarah journeys out to investigate the subject with her camera. Once back at the studio the image is interpreted into a pen and ink drawing the same size as the finished print. Each print is hand screen printed using the finest mesh possible, with each colour being layered individually and matched up to the next, by eye.

Each print in this exhibition holds a visual narrative about it's location. Sarah Harris has shared a story for each, about it's history, or her own personal experience at that place.

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