Passenger, Parcel and Penny Return - Tram Travel in Bradford

Bradford Industrial Museum

Mon 5 Dec 2016 - Sun 23 Apr 2017

From 1882 to 1950, the people of Bradfordcould travel on a form of public transport which is now seen both as nostalgic and at the same time, the mark of a modern northern city.

Tramways were the North’s answer to moving thousands of people around their home towns on a daily basis, cheaply, safely and… slowly.

Seen off with pleasure by some, and mourned by others, the passage of time has meant that few people remember travelling on the tracks or the objects associated with it. A selection of objects and stories as well as images from the Frank Hartley photographic collection will be displayed atBradfordIndustrialMuseumover the winter months, harking back to what it was like to make these journeys.

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