Islamic Calligraphy by Farzana Khan

Cliffe Castle Museum

Thu 4 Nov 2021 - Mon 31 Jan 2022

We are delighted to be able to show works by Farzana Kahn at Cliffe Castle.  A creative artist, teacher and assessor of Arabic Calligraphy, who studied at the University of Punjab (Lahore) gaining a BA in Humanities and fine Art. From a young age she has had a personal interest and passion for Arabic Calligraphy. Her interest in calligraphy came from various inspirations of Islamic art therefore, researching various traditional calligraphy techniques and gaining creative designs for her own work inspired her to experiment with ideas and style of work.

With a passion to inspiring communities and individuals through arts and creativity, her goal is to empower the community, to revive and preserve calligraphy art, to spread its beauty and pass it to future generations.  

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