From Bradford to Benares: The Art of Sir William Rothenstein

Cartwright Hall Art Gallery

Sat 7 Mar 2015 - Sun 12 Jul 2015

Particular attention will be paid to a series of important cultural encounters that changed the direction of the artist's life and work.  These include: his early training in Paris, turn-of-the-century visits to Spain and Germany, years spent painting in the Jewish East End, his 1910 trip to India, interwar years living in rural Gloucestershire,  experiences as a war artist in two World Wars, and his ongoing, sometimes fraught relationship with his home city, Bradford.  Although Rothenstein's life 'beyond the easel' will be mentioned (including his roles as critic, collector, patron, gallery-founder and professor), the main aim of the exhibition, will be to put the spotlight on his achievements as a painter, draughtsman and print-maker.

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