Drawing the Work

Cliffe Castle Museum

Sun 30 Jul 2017 - Sun 21 Jan 2018

A case in the Breakfast Room at Cliffe Castle has been dedicated to show the work of artist Deborah Rehmat.

Deborah Rehmat can often be seen inside the museum and out in the park, sketchbook in hand.

Back in June 2016 during one of her sketching sessions a member of the Parks team went to see what she was doing. So enthused were they by her sketches of the Heritage Lottery funded work that was beginning to take place in Cliffe Castle Park they asked her to become the unofficial works artist. 

Not only are Deborah's works highly skilled illustrations, they also act as a fantastic way to document the work that has taken place and to capture the people who have been involved in the process, in a way that photography simply couldn't do. Through her sketches we can see a personal perspective of the people that Deborah has met, seen and interacted with on her journey. We get to meet those that have been working on the project, but also those that have been affected by the work: the dog walkers, the festival goers, the children playing in the play park and the museum visitors. 

Displayed alongside the case of work you will find reproductions of Deborah's sketchbooks, allowing you to follow her documentation of the project. 

To follow this ongoing project please visit Deborah's blog: 


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