‘British Scandal’ or ‘British Institution’: Wife-selling in Victorian Bradford and Yorkshire

Bradford Industrial Museum

Sun 10 Mar 2019


To celebrate International Women’s Day 2019 Lauren Padgett, Assistant Curator for Bradford Museums and Galleries, will be giving a history talk about a lesser known and unusual aspect of local women's history, wife selling in Victorian Bradford and Yorkshire.


This history talk will introduce the folk custom of wife-selling by tracing it through 19th century literary references and pictorial representations. It will analyse historical cases of wife-selling in Victorian Bradford and Yorkshire to explore the cause, customs and culture around such practice.


Was wife-selling a cruel 'British scandal' or did this 'British Institution' give some Victorian women a means to free themselves from unhappy marriages?


Sunday 10th March 1 - 2.15pm


Lecture Room, 3rd Floor, Bradford Industrial Museum


Limited spaces available. Reserve a space by ringing Bradford Industrial Museum on 01274 435900


This is a free talk, but donations are always welcome and appreciated.       

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