Assignments 2016: The BPPA Exhibition

Cartwright Hall Art Gallery

Wed 16 Nov 2016 - Sun 22 Jan 2017

The British Press Photographers’ Association is pleased to announce Assignments 2016 – an exhibition of the very best of British Press Photography over the last twelve months.

This is the UK’s biggest exhibition of press photography - News, Features and Sports pictures - from some of the best photographers working in the UK today.

The purpose of the exhibition is to inspire members to produce world class work, spur newcomers to aspire to produce great work and to educate and inform the public about what we do.

Chris Eades, Chairman of The BPPA said “Thousands of words are written or spoken about the news each day - but it is still photography that has the power to really bring events home to you. If you think of any significant event in recent history it will be the photograph you remember. British press photography is some of the best in the world and we are really pleased to be able to host this exhibition where the public will get a chance to see how powerful a good press photograph can be”.

The show is jointly funded by the BPPA and our friends at Fixation.

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