100 Leading Ladies: a portrait of influential senior women in Britain by Nancy Honey

Cartwright Hall Art Gallery

Sat 5 Dec 2015 - Sun 10 Apr 2016

100 Leading Ladies is a photographic project featuring portraits of influential senior women inBritain.  Over the course of two years, award-winning international photographerNancyHoney endeavoured to photograph 100 ofBritain’s most respected women over the age of 55; from academics to entrepeneurs, fashion designers to composers.

The Leading Ladies all share one thing in common:  they are leading figures in their fields and have defied gender stereotypes. These include well-known women like Germaine Greer and Tessa Jowell as well as those who are admired by their peers in their respective fields, like Averil Mansfield, theUK’s first female professor of surgery.  Honey invited each woman toselect a placeof inspiration for their portrait setting, affording the viewer further insight into the lives, personalities and character of these admirable women.  These captivating portraits are complimented by insightful interviews conducted by former Times Journalist Hattie Garlick.

The book featuring the complete project and adjacent exhibition were launched last autumn atSomersetHouse,London.  Since then the project has gone from strength to strength.  More exhibitions have followed and the National Portrait Gallery has acquired thirteen of the portraits.

CartwrightHallArtGallery, Bradford, is the first venue to show the project outsideLondon.

Please visit www.100leadingladies.com if you wish to read some sample interviews!

Nancy Honey has been photographing for more than 30 years and has studied Fine Art, Graphic Design and Photography in both US and UK.

Unilever made a film of Nancy talking about the project at the Somerset House exhibition in London, October 2014.

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