Learning at Bradford Industrial Museum

Welcome to Bradford Industrial Museum's Learning & Outreach programme.

From Autumn 2, 2020 we will be offering an adapted schools workshop programme to give pupils vital opportunities to connect, experience, inspire and put aspects of the curriculum into context, whilst keeping everyone as safe as possible.

We will initially offer a limited workshop service, which we hope to add to over the coming months. If the workshop you would like to access is not listed below, please contact us and we can let you know as soon as they are reinstated.

Email: [email protected] 

Telephone: 01274 431206 / 435858

Current Offer:

  • Victorian Classroom
  • Weaving in the Mill (including Industrial Revolution)
  • Let's Explore Transport

    Keystage: KS1 Years 1 & 2

    Pupils go on their own transport journey throughout the museum using maps, role play and our amazing transport collection.  Children will develop noticing and drawing skills whilst recording different modes of transport including a full size train and a range of vehicles made in Bradford by the Jowett family.  Pupils work individually and in groups to make a collaborative map including drawing and text to take back to school.  

    You can also visit our Tram Shed before or after the workshop to see one of Bradford’s last trams and a trolleybus plus a range of carriages outside.

    1.5 hour session at £96.00 per class    (Maximum 33 pupils)

    Curriculum Links:  History, Geography, English & Art

  • Mill Life

    Keystage: KS2 & KS3

    Pupils take on the role of “children of the future” talking directly to Margaret McMillan, a local mill owner and a mother from 1900 whilst exploring the concept of mill hands.  Using drama and discussion, pupils explore the 3 individual’s interests in human potential and development, technological development and survival in Victorian Bradford.

     KS2   especially Years 4, 5 & 6 

    KS3   especially Years 7, 8 & 9

    2 hour workshop @ £120.00 per class

    Curriculum Links:  KS2 - History        KS3 - History & English

  • Toy Detective

    Keystage: KS1

    Using toys from the past 100 years pupils explore the working mechanisms and everyday materials of toys.

    This hands on workshop encourages pupils to use historical terms, group and describe toys 

    1 hour workshop

    £76.00 per class

  • Grandmas Washday Memories

    Keystage: KS1 & KS2

    Explore how much washing has changed in the last 70 years in this role play based workshop.

    In a Bradford back to back house pupils will do the weekly washing using wash boards, possers, dolly blue and the mangle.


    1.5 hour workshop

    £96.00 per class

  • The Art & Science of Noticing

    Keystage: KS1 & KS2

    A workshop which encourages pupils to respond to the museum and gallery objects which inspire them.

    During the workshop pupils will create a sketchbook page of ideas, details and words before writing a guided poem. An excellent way to stimulate interest in topics, explore enquiry led learning & give you material to use as starting points back in school.

    We can suggest themes or let us know your topic!

    Recent focuses have included:   Toys, the Victorians, Local Industry and Life in a Mill


    1.5 hour workshop

    £96.00 per class

  • Weaving in the Mill: A Material Journey

    Keystage: KS1 & KS2

    In this hands - on workshop pupils are introduced to the different processes used in wool production  in Bradford's mills.
    By having a go at sorting, carding, spinning and weaving pupils explore the roles of machines in the mill before experiencing the noises, smells and pace of life in a Victorian mill environment

    1.5 hour workshop

    £96.00 per class

  • A Local History Experience: A Victorian Classroom

    Keystage: KS2

    As local mill working children, pupils will experience lessons at Moorside Board School including copywriting with dip pens, using slates and singing period songs.

    Pupils will also further explore life in Victorian Bradford and the significance of the mill industry and local educational reform

    2 hour workshop

    £120.00 per class