Some of our wonderful staff

It’s been a strange couple of months, with Covid-19 and Lockdown meaning we had to close our doors to our visitors.  We were working out new ways to share stories, objects and activities, and make sure we stayed in contact you, our lovely audience.

And for some of our staff, it was learning entirely new roles, as they were redeployed to help out other departments in the Council that were becoming much busier as a sad result of the pandemic.

We are so very proud of the staff that rose to that challenge, and helped out our colleagues in the rest of the council, and the public that we all serve.

In this blog, we’re collecting some of their stories, in their own words, because they deserve recognition for the way they stepped up to help!


Image of Mark outside, dressed in Green scrubs

He shared with us that he was working with the Public Mortuary Team who have been really welcoming and supportive.

” I’ve assisted with the collection and storage of the deceased from the district.

Helped the Technicians and Radiography with CT scans , swabs and angiograms. I’ve been with the emergency planning team setting up the Richard Dunn Centre for additional mortuary storage.”


Sally & Susanne

Sally & Susanne outside at Nab Wood Crematorium
Sally & Susanne outside at Nab Wood Crematorium

Sally and Susanne have been working at Nab Wood crematorium.  They write:, and have shared with us some of their experiences

“During the Covid -19 pandemic funeral services have looked very different. Mourners have been limited to 10 and have taken place outside the chapel in the open air.

To enable the smooth running of services and to shield the bereavement officers extra staff were needed. Staff from culture and leisure have come together forming new partnerships and friendships.

Sally and Susanne said that they hope that they have helped families mourn their loved ones with dignity and respect. The bereavement team have been very supportive. We have also had an insight into a totally different industry working alongside funeral directors, celebrants, vicars and priests from across the district.”


All that remains for me to say, on behalf of the whole Museums & Galleries Service is how incredibly proud we are of such wonderful colleagues.

And to all our staff who have stepped up in amazing ways over the last few months…

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