Inspire me to ……

Even when our museums and galleries are closed you can still be inspired by our amazing objects, beautiful artworks and historic buildings.

Each week we will release a new activity idea for you to do, inspired by our wonderful collections –  check our our twitter, facebook and website on a Tuesday to find the new one!

Will it be something to inspire you to draw, write, think, talk, move, make, build, explore, invent, reflect or play ?

Come back every week to find out!

We will leave the pdfs of previous activities on this page so please share and enjoy!

We would love to see some of the results:   You can contact us on Twitter: @BradfordMuseums or post to our Facebook Page –  @BradfordMuseums

Inspire me to… Form a fossil

inspire me to… form a fossil


Inspire me to play like a Victorian

inspire me to…play like a victorian

Inspire me to..Invent

Look at everyday objects in a new light and invent something new.

inspire me to…invent


Inspire me to….see like an arachnologist.

inspire me to …see like an arachnologist –  and there’s a handy ‘how to’ video here for extra help


Inspire me to…create a stone age character
Image of cut out figure in stone age clothing, and a stone arrowheads in a case

inspire me to… create a stone age character


Inspire me to….write in Hieroglyphics

inspire me to… write in Hieroglyphics


Inspire me to…create a special object

Image of a design impressed onto foil. Geometric patterns used to form the design

inspire me to…design a special object


Inspire me to…Frame a Faceinspire me to Frame a face


Inspire me to…find colour

inspire me to…find colour


Inspire me to help others

inspire me to…help others


Inspire me to…weave with water

inspire me to…weave with water


Inspire me to…Design a creature

inspire me to…design a creature


Inspire me to share a journey

inspire me to …share a journey


Inspire me to take a pencil on a walk

Have a go at this quick and simple drawing technique.

inspire me to…take a pencil for a walk


Inspire me to move like I’m in a fairytale

Sometimes artwork can tell us stories or help us to imagine being in different places.

inspire me to…move


Inspire me to Create

Find out more about pattern and create your own tessellating artwork

inspire me to …create


nspire me to Build

Image for Inspire me to build - showing a building created from plastic bricks, cardboard and wooden blocks

How easy is it to change a building ? build your own and find out in this building challenge activity.

inspire me to… build


Describe like a Naturalist

Fox (Vulpes Vulpes)

A fun describing game activity focused on animals, habitats and adaptations.

inspire me to …describe like a naturalist



inspire me to…explore


Draw like David Hockney

A 'Hockney' style drawing of a stylised green cactus in a brown pot, with yellow and pink flowers
Drawn by a Year 4 pupil attending a Workshop at Cartwright Hall

Learn to draw on your phone or tablet to create artwork David Hockney style !

inspire me to…draw like david hockney


Inspire me to Shineimages of various lanterns

Inspire me to…Shine

Inspire me to… listen like a spider

inspire me to …listen like a spider


Inspire me to weave like a spiderinspire me to …weave like a spider


Inspire me to…make a map

Photograph of a hand drawn map, with depictions of important places and things - like 'Grandmas House' 'Butter Cross' but also images of feathers and other housesinspire me to…make a map


Inspire me to…write in code like a printer

Image of text written backwards reflecting in a mirror to read 'You inspire me to...write backwards'

inspire me to…write in code


Make some noise

Be inspired by the noises of machines and make your own machine music!

inspire me to…make a noise

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