Hockney Gallery Blog – 2

This week’s blog has been written by Jill Iredale, our Curator of Fine Arts. It’s the second in a series focusing on the up-coming Hockney Gallery at Cartwright Hall.  She writes:

Image - banner promoting forthcoming David Hockney Gallery at Cartwright Hall

By the time you read this the new walls will have gone in for the David Hockney Gallery at Cartwright Hall. It is one of a series of nerve-wracking events that has to happen, and in the correct order so that the doors can open on 7 July in time for David’s 80th birthday and our Happy Birthday Hockney event on 9 July. So no room for delay and, no matter how much measuring and double-checking takes place, I expect I will be holding my breath for each and every one of them!

Next will be the decorating: do those colours look good?? It is so hard to tell when you look at a small sample patch and then try to imagine it on a 20 metre long wall. Then the art works start being installed, but there are still so many things that haven’t been finished yet! I have realised that no matter how far in advance you start on a project that everyone has their own internal time clock that makes them all burst into action at exactly the same time. So no matter what your schedule was – trying to stick to it is like trying to steer a juggernaut on a different course.

One unfinished thing that I am really looking forward to is ‘the film’. We are working with filmmaker Bruno Wolheim to edit a short film of previously unseen footage that we can show in the gallery. Bruno was granted incredible access to Hockney over a three year period while he was living in Bridlington and producing a major body of work based on the changing seasons in the early-to-mid-2000s.

Film editing with filmmaker Bruno and assistant Tom, and most helpfully of all, the very cuddly Stevie Wonder the dog
Film editing with filmmaker Bruno and assistant Tom, and most helpfully of all, the very cuddly Stevie Wonder the dog

We were very fortunate to be granted permission by David to do this and I really hope our visitors enjoy the results. My idea is that our gallery should not just be an exhibition of artworks but that it should give our visitors a peek into what the person who made them is like. I want people to be able to feel like they are sat in a room with David having a chat. Whether we achieve this remains to be seen! But I feel our film is in safe hands with Bruno and Tom. Whatever they produce will be special and just for us, so I for one can’t wait to see the finished result!

If you would like to make a contribution to the David Hockney Gallery at Cartwright Hall there is still time to make a donation via the front page of the website or by phone 01274 431215 (Mon-Wed).

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