Helen – Gardening Volunteer

A few gardening words from volunteer, Helen, who volunteers at the Bradford Industrial Museum

She writes:

I have been a volunteer gardener at Bradford Industrial Museum for nearly four years now. I love it!

Views of the garden, with the Mill Managers House in the background. Includes fox gloves and petunias in various shades of pink, purple or white
Views of the garden, with the Mill Managers House in the background

In the beginning it was very much a renovation project as the Mill Manager’s Garden had been taken over by large ugly shrubs and didn’t look like a garden at all.

It is still very much a work in progress but there is a ‘hot garden’, a white shade garden, a pink garden, and a blue and yellow garden.

Images of flowers in bright 'hot' shades of purple, red and yellow
Hot shade garden
Images of white and yellow flowers, with teasels in the background, and a backdrop of a green privet
The ‘white shade’ garden

In addition there are two old horse troughs planted up and the WW2 Victory Garden behind one of the terraced houses.

Image of a stone horse trough planted up with Ivy, Hebes, and other green or purple leaved plants
Horse trough full of plants behind the Back to Backs


Image of a stone horsetrough, planted up flowers in shades of pink and white. Include Sweet William and Phlox
Horse trough planted up, behind the back to backs

I beg plants from all my friends and grow loads from seeds and cuttings. It is very rewarding.

It has been great to get to know the staff at the Museum who are so encouraging. They even water the plants when I can’t get there!

Helen is now seeking a small team of volunteers to help her with the project!  Would like to join her?

If so, do view the role description here: https://www.bradfordmuseums.org/get-involved/volunteering

You can also contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Sonja on [email protected] or telephone 01274 436027  if you’d like more information about it.

Travel expenses can be covered, you will be given a small interview and induction to our safe ways of working.

We are also seeking to recruit a team of Gardening Volunteers for the grounds of Bolling Hall Museum.  Could this be you?  Do let us know – please use the same contact details as above.

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