Bolling Hall

If you’ve been for a visit to Bolling Hall recently, you may have noticed that some of the furniture appears to have sprouted strange white covers…

Bolling Hall is undergoing some major maintenance work at the moment, during which time we’re also taking the opportunity to return some of the rooms to their historical colour schemes. The Housebody, the Georgian stairs and the Ghost room are all having a bit of a makeover and some areas are being returned to the colours they were when the Museum first opened in 1915.   If you walk from the Kitchens towards the housebody, you’ll see the magnolia has been replaced with a dark brown and pale stone colour scheme.  We think it looks a bit like chocolate, but we wouldn’t recommend licking the walls!

With all this work going on, including the preparation for the public Library that opens on the 16th January, we’ve been busy packing away some of the smaller objects to keep them safe whilst the work is going on.  Larger items that we can’t move, such as the Chippendale bed in the Red Couch room are being wrapped in acid-free tissue paper and bubble wrap.

We’ve also been taking the opportunity of giving some of the furniture a conservation clean.  We’ve cleaned upholstery with a special back-pack vacuum cleaner, (which has very low suction and a protective screen) – so that we can remove dirt without damaging the material.  We’ve using soft brushes to clean dust and dirt from furniture, and using special type of wax called ‘Renaissance wax’ developed by the British Museum to clean and protect the wood.  It’s not the most glamorous of jobs, but it is a satisfying one.

Because some of the work to be done will need scaffolding (can you imagine trying to paint a room as tall as the housebody on ladders?) Bolling Hall will shut temporarily from the 17th December.  We’ll be reopening on the 16th January, with the coverings removed, the paint scheme completed and the new Library in place for the community to use.   We look forward to seeing you all then!

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