Blog by Niamh – Our Street Gallery Volunteer

Niamh has been volunteering on the Our Street Gallery project.

Whilst doing some social media for the project, Niamh is also assisting with installations of the huge billboard banners and posters which can be seen now around the district, including Lister Park, outside Cartwright Hall Art Gallery. These are her thoughts on the challenges of graduating and beginning her career during lockdown.

This time last year seems like life a lifetime ago. I was living at Uni, had just handed in my dissertation and was prepping for my degree show, all whilst turning my nose up at the prospect of a national lockdown.

If I’m being honest, graduating in such a difficult time and being forced to move back up north left me, like so many, feeling very down, isolated and displaced.

My friends and family have been utterly amazing in supporting me throughout, but it didn’t solve the issue of having little to no work, or purpose. When I left Wakefield I had no interest in returning- I thought it was redundant in providing creative opportunities. 

Fast-forward past an email graduation, a lot of realisations, learning, connecting, volunteering and engaging with my local arts community, as well as many, many tiers (and tears) later, I’m finally getting paid work. It feels amazing to finally be beginning my career, and to be able to really start looking forward.

Getting to my point, as cheesy as it is, if you keep going, you will get there. Persistence, a little leaning on those around me, and a lot of hard work has done me well.

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