Being Young in Bradford – Abby

Continuing with our series of blogs and extracts focusing on the experiences of ‘Being Young in Bradford’.

This week’s memories are being shared by Abby.


He writes:


I was one of the first Asian scooter boys.

Image of a group of young men - 'Scooterboys'- the majority are young white men, but the central figure is a young asian man. They are all dressed in typical 'scooter boy' fashion.
Abby is the central figure in the front of the group

I was so bored and looking for something different. I knew a guy who introduced me to scooters and I got the buzz.

It went from a weekend thing to a way of life. I was accepted everywhere I went as someone who belonged. They were my brothers and sisters. What we did back then I wish we could do all over again.

It was so diverse; where people from different cultures and backgrounds came together and enjoyed many years of fun, fate, and fame.

I’m tempted to get another one even now.

Abby has also selected a great soundtrack of some of the the music he and his friends were listening too – see the spotify link below !

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