#Askacuratorday 2017

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For the past few years, our curatorial team has participated in the annual & international #Askacuratorday on Twitter.  Always good fun, it allows us to advocate to the world what we do, and share some of the exciting and entertaining stories that are associated with our sites and our collections.

As has become tradition, we started off by tweeting a picture of our supplies.  (Don’t underestimate the power of baked goods and a cup of tea/coffee in fuelling curatorial work!)

As ever, it provoked fun responses –  and the Rijkmuseum declaring an intention to visit!

Onto the actual business of the day!

This question gave us a chance to brag about the Malachite Fireplace at Cliffe Castle.

Turns out other people enjoyed the story as much as we did

We put out the annual plea for one of our ‘holygrail’ items  (if it’s lingering in your loft, do let us know…)

We hope they will –  as we were telling Haley Sharpe design, it wouldn’t be the first time things turn up out of the blue…

Thoughtful questions about how to engage with visitors emerged.

Questions to other curators at other institutions gained us mentions too –  confirming our audience appreciates what we do

And we never let the opportunity for a bad joke go on #Askacurator day….

(they never did confirm the size….)

We signed off at the end of the day, leaving some of the other participants still going strong….   If you haven’t yet come across the epic twitterbattle between the Natural History Museum & the Science Museum in London, I’d recommend looking it up.

It had us in stitches –  and proves, as we try to do every year that working in a museum is never boring…..

We’ll back on twitter again next year –   but every day can be ‘ask a curator’ day, just get in touch with us!

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