#Askacurator day 2016

As regular visitors to our blog may have noticed, over the last few years staff from Bradford Museums and Galleries have been involved with the international #Askacurator day on Twitter.

It’s an event that encourages conversations between museums, art galleries and members of the public (and each other). This year had even more participants than ever – 1344 organisations were signed up by the start of the day, in 53 countries.

There were even celebrities getting in on the act!

And as ever, a wide range of questions were asked – serious, silly and thought-provoking.

Visit Bradford started getting into the spirit of things with us the day before:

Essential supplies were laid in:

Prompting our first direct question of the day

This was a thought-provoking question

It prompted a nice response from the person who asked the original question too:

And of course, we got a few questions from Visit Bradford!

Some questions were asked to the museum community at large:

For those of you who visited Sneaky Peeks at City Hall this summer, you might have spotted it in the dolls house we displayed there.

This question allowed to express what it is that we love about curating and working with our collections

We confirmed that there are still things we’d love to track down

(If you’re currently sleeping on it, do let us know!)

Connections were made with other museums with similar items. It may have got a little competitive…


Pictures of lovely objects were shared (there’s a typo in our tweet – the Artist is Biard, not Board!)

And discussions for the future.

And looking to the future, make a note in the diary for next years #Askacurator day, which will be on the 13th September, and start getting some good questions ready!

However, as we said in one of our final tweets of the day:

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