#AskACurator 2018

It’s that time of year, where our curators join in the international #Askacurator day on Twitter, and we do a recap every year.

People ask us (and other curators) why we do these events….

It allows us to share our love  for the collections, and share some of the exciting and entertaining stories that are associated with our sites and our collections.

We started off the day with our traditional tweet showing the (essential) supplies for the day….

It normally gets at least one other museum asking to come share – this year it was the Black Country Living Museum

Of course, we said yes.

Then we got busy answering questions –  as ever there was an interesting range to inspire a range of answers from the curatorial team.

Our Colleagues in the council got in on the act of asking questions too

With a question like that, we had to talk about Bloss….

It’s always lovely to get responses like that!

Humour plays a great part in the day. However Those of a nervous disposition might want to look away for the next exchange. It began with a relatively innocent question

It escalated quickly.

As ever, the day was a mix of humour, enquiry and sharing the love of museums and collections worldwide – as ever, we can’t share in this blog everything from the day, but we hope you’ll join us for it next year!

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