#Askacurator 2015

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For the last few years Bradford Museums and Galleries have participated in the international #Askacurator day on twitter –  a rapidly growing event that encourages conversations between museums, art galleries and members of the public. This year had even more organisations in even more countries taking part.  Over a thousand Museums and Galleries signed up to the day, in 52 different countries.

Several of the curators from the service gathered together, along with some essential supplies

  Entertainingly, the picture resulted in an invitation to a Belgian-based Museum (it’s all about the conversations!)

An intriguing question posed (and one that caused a lot of discussion in the office before we can up with a reply) was this one:

We debated this one amongst ourselves for quite a while.  We debated about a loom, to represent both the manufacturing of the equipment that took place in the district, as well as the textile woven upon them.  Both of which in turn created the wealth that funded places like Cartwright Hall.  In the end though, we settled upon this answer instead:

We’d decided that the ram represented the wool and the wealth that came from it, even before the Industrial revolution brought the large mills.  (We consider choosing an Alpaca, but sheep have been associated with the area a lot longer –  there’s even a Ram in the coat of arms for Bradford.

Learning and engaging with others is part of what the day is about.  So, we asked one of our visiting school groups this week if they had any questions to #askacurator.  Having just done a Rocks and Fossils session, their questions were inspired by our Natural Sciences collection.

One of the questions they asked was answered not only by our own Natural Sciences Curator, but by someone else also taking part in the day.

This one made us think:

We’ll leave you with a series that proves that a sense of humour and a love of bad puns is essential when working in museums (in response to a question about favourite cheeses – because not all conversations have to be serious).


We thoroughly enjoyed taking part in the day, and we’ll be on the list to take part again.  If you want to get involved, better start thinking up your questions for next year  – put the 14th September 2016 in the diary!

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