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Professor Paul Coldwell, our Guest Curator for the ‘Artists Folio’ exhibition at Cartwright Hall has written a final blog post for us, as the exhibition finished its run on the 15th June.

He writes:

It seems ages ago that Sonja and I were foraging in the stores of the museum and found the Lowry folio and the drypoints of William Rothenstein.

So much has transpired between these initial discoveries and seeing the work, framed and displayed in the gallery.

paul photo comp

It involves a large number of people, all committed to ensuring that everything was done to the highest standards, from organizing the education programme, framing the prints, proof reading the catalogue, through to ensuring the work was hung properly.

For me working with Sonja and her team at Cartwright Hall Art Gallery has been a great experience, and I think the exhibition is something we can all be proud of.

All the various talks, workshops and the symposium have not only brought new audiences to think about printmaking but have all enriched the exhibition and suggested future possibilities.

Below is a selection of images from one of the workshops:

P1000102 P1000104 P1000108









Printmaking has such a rich connection to Bradford that I hope that other events follow on from this, taking full advantage of the wonderful resource that is the print collection at Cartwright Hall Art Gallery.

Collections such as this are developed over decades and change and evolve with each new acquisition. In this exhibition we were only able to offer a taste of what is a world-class collection.



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