Artist Folio: Blog Post 3

Guest curator Professor Paul Coldwell, University of the Arts, London,  has been writing blog posts for us whilst the show is on.

Paul writes:

Just spent a couple of days with Sonja Kielty and the wonderful technical team at Cartwright Hall hanging the exhibition, The Artists Folio.

It’s a privilege working with such a skilled team and really impressed with the care they take in making sure everything is right. It’s wonderful to see the work on the walls and relieved that after all the planning, it looks stunning.

The show opens with a blast of intense colour with the series of four Caulfield prints, Interiors while on the far wall, Hockney’s A Rakes Progress look wonderful displayed all together, as fresh as when they were made fifty years ago.

It’s also surprising how contemporary the L.S. Lowry prints appear.

For anyone interested in how sensuous lithography can be, these are a real treat.

Bozo Peter Howson (b.1958)
Peter Howson (b.1958)

With the anniversary of the First World War in our thoughts, the William Rothensteins are a quiet reminder of the physical scars on the landscape as a result of conflict and in their understated way, they speak volumes.

As I was exploring the other galleries, I came across a beautiful relief print by his son, Michael who was very influential in revolutionising relief printing – so do hunt it out.

It was good to see the Flowers Folio, all ready and framed and there are many gems, one in particular, a rich intense lithograph by Andy Stahl who I was a student with at the Slade School of Art in the 1970s.

In the Head  Andrew Stahl (b.1954)
In the Head
Andrew Stahl (b.1954)


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