Hard Graft: Yorkshire at Work by Terry Sutton

A machine tool made in Keighley at the turn of the twentieth century, became the unlikely starting point to illustrator/photographer Terry Sutton’s second book Hard Graft. The ‘slotter’ – a machine that made machines, personified Britain’s one time reputation as ‘the workshop of the world’ and is one of Terry’s favourite industrial objects!  Terry’s career in art and design has fostered his admiration for engineers, stonemasons, carpenters and others whose creative achievements and craftsmanship somehow tend to take third place behind landscape and architecture when extolling Yorkshire’s virtues as a county. Through his illustrations and the work of other photographers, Hard Graft is Terry’s tribute to those whose working lives have shaped our history and formed the foundations of family life.

Selected objects from Bradford Museums' Social History collection will be on display alongside Terry's illustrations. He has been particularly influenced by the Industrial Museum's slotter machine; bicycles; textile looms and early computing technology.


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