Talk. Dark, Dangerous and Sexual: Victorian Fairies in Art

Cliffe Castle Museum

Wed 6 Sep 2017

As part of the Friends of Cliffe Castle programme of talks we will be joined by art historian and lecturer Tim Stimson.

Tim Stimson spent time living as part of the Findhorn community in Scotland, a commuity founded to communicate and cooperate with the Faerie realm.

His talk will include a look at our earlier beliefs in fairies. In Scandinavia they are called the Huldra folk/hidden folk; in Britain many ancient names such as Wights, Hobgoblin and Elf preceeded the childrens' nursery concept of the pretty and inoffensive nature spirits. In Ireland one name they are known by is the Good People, which suggets it is better to stay on good terms with them, for they have not dissapeared... 

Tim Stimson will also look at fairy painting, which is a uniquely British contribution to art and can be dated to 1789 and William Blake. 

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