Staff talks and lectures

Bradford Museums and Galleries staff can offer talks and presentations to the public and to groups and societies depending on their availability. Below is a list of our staff team and some of the talks they can present.

Please contact the staff member directly to arrange a booking.

Charges for talk and lectures £32.00 p/hour on site, £80.00 p/hour (including expenses) off site within the Council District and £105.00 p/hour (including expenses) outside the Council District.

Nilesh Mistry, Curator (International and Decorative Arts)

Contact tel 01274 431212

  • Connect: People, Place and Imagination. The development of the Connect permanent displays at Cartwright Hall Art Gallery incorporating the earlier connections made between the Transcultural Gallery and broader permanent displays and continued exploration of parity and juxtapositions between International and Fine Art collections.
  • Textile traditions of South Asia including Phulkari, Mochi, Kutchy, Kantha, Gujarati and Indian weaving & embroidery centres of production.
  • Textile craft revival in India and Pakistan and incorporation into contemporary fashion garments.
  • Artists and Printmakers of Pakistan as represented in the collection
  • Methods and Approaches exploration of Studio Pottery represented in the Bradford collection
  • Dialogues between traditional Indian Folk Artists and work of contemporary Indian fine artists

Gerard McGowan, Curator (Natural Science)

Contact tel 0758210412

  • The Curators of Keighley Museum
  • The Role of the Curator in a Museum
  • Tailored talks around the natural science collections

Heather Millard, Curator (Social History)

Contact tel 01535 618237

  • History of Bolling Hall
  • History of the Manor House
  • Never a boring day (Collections I have worked with)

Jill Iredale, Curator (Fine Art)

Contact tel 01274 431212 / 01274 437800

  • Tailored talks around the fine art collection

Liz Mc Ivor, Curator (Social/ Industrial History)

Contact tel 01274 435900 / 01274 431826

  • Romani in Britain – the experiences and cultures of Romani and Irish Travellers in Britain
  • Before Windrush – The experiences of Black Britain 1500- 1900
  • Generational Costume 1700 - 1970– Youth Fashions and the evolution of the 'Teenager'
  • 'Behind the green baize door' – The experience of the British Servant from the middle ages to the turn of the 19th Century
  • Judy Woods – the Wyke coin hoard and the Civil War in Bradford
  • Medieval Bradford and its principle families
  • Bolling Hall: its architecture and residents 11th – 20th century
  • How to date old photographs and portraits – workshop
  • The medieval environment – status and courtesy in the 14th Century

Sonja Kielty, Curator (exhibitions)

Contact tel 01274 431212

  • Tailored tours and talks around Bradford Museums and Galleries exhibition programme.

Gavin Edwards, Collections Manager

Contact tel 01274 431212

Talks are available evenings only

  • Silsden Hoard: A Celtic Iron Age / Roman Mystery
  • The Prehistoric Carved Rocks of Rombalds Moor
  • Baildon Moor: From Prehistoric Times to the Present Day

Dale Keeton, Collections Officer

Contact tel 01535 618231

  • A Rummage through Granny's Drawers- Underwear 1820-1970
  • The boots on the other foot- Fashionable Footwear from Bradford's historic collections